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Kali Adventure Camp combines the ruggedness of the Jungle with the reassuring comforts of home
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Situated on the bank of the majestic River Kali, just outside the town of Dandeli, this camp is one that combines the Ruggedness of the Jungle with the reassuring comforts of home.

The Varity of the adventure activities that exist here are limitless. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and Anshi National Park, which are close to the Camp, represents the ultimate paradise for nature lovers. Stay here for a while……. Who knows, you may never want to go back again

Place to Visit at Kali
  • Kavala Caves: Houses a gigantic ‘Shivaling’ inside
  • Syntheri Rock: A 300- foot tall monolithic granite formation
  • Sykes Point: Unhindered view of the Kali River flowing through the gorgers and the valleys.
  • Siroli Peak: The highest point in the entire Uttar Kannada district.
  • Molangi: Situated amidst dense bamboo thickets where the river Kali passes between steep slopes and rock formations.